Real Estate – Residential and Commercial

Real estate transactions involve buyers, sellers, banks and typically one or more real estate professionals. Because of the complexity of these transactions, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience handling a wide range of residential and commercial real estate deals. Our goal is to work with you throughout the process and ensure your real estate transaction is handled as smoothly as possible.

We Represent all Parties

Whether you are purchasing real estate, selling real estate or you are a bank involved in a New York real estate transaction, we provide representation designed to protect your interests. We know that any mistakes made during the process can be costly. We understand there are a number of issues which must be dealt with including:

  • Contract drafting and review – purchase and sale agreements are only the first part of the real estate process. Agreements for financing, repairs and other important issues must also be dealt with. Working with a New York real estate attorney can help ensure all documents are properly prepared or a thorough review of previously drafted agreements can help protect your rights.
  • Title problems and insurance – passing clear title on residential and commercial property is one of the final steps in every transaction. However, there may be mechanics liens and other title issues which can make that challenging. We can review the existing title and make sure the title is free of encumbrances. Finally, we can make sure a title insurance policy is in place to protect all involved parties.
  • Closing document preparation and filing – closing documents are complicated and must contain specific language that details everyone’s responsibilities. There is also a requirement to file these documents in the proper county to ensure there is an accurate record of the entire transaction including the mortgage note. We handle both residential and commercial closing documents and filing so you never have to worry.

Buying real estate in New York is exciting but it is also complicated. Regardless of what your role is in the transaction, you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process from purchase and sale agreement through the final closing. With more than 15 years’ experience dealing with New York both residential and commercial real estate transactions, you can count on Olga Lankios-Cruz, Esq. PLLC. Call their office today at 718-285-9900 and let them provide you with the assistance you need.

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